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  • What SSRI Anti-Depressant Medicine is Better?

    SSRI preparations belong to the "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor" group. These drugs work very effective to treat depression and different forms of anxieties for most patients. They can also fix panic attacks, neuroses, hyperorexia, premenstrual syndromes, hot flushes and many other kinds of disorder. But it is quite hard to choose the best drug, as there is a number of SSRIs available to the purchaser.

    Widespread SSRIs: Here is the list of SSRIs, which are widespread in the US:

    * Lexapro (class name: escitalopram) produced by Forest Laboratories

    * Celexa (citalopram) produced by Forest Laboratories

    * Luvox (fluvoxamine maleate) produced by Solvay

    * Paxil (paroxetine) produced by Smith Kline Beecham

    * Zoloft (sertraline) produced by Pfizer

    * Prozac (fluoxetine) produced by Eli Lilly

    Way of influence: The SSRIs enhance the presence of serotonin in neurons. As serotonin is a neuromediator that exerts influence upon the mood, enhancement of its presence in brain cells (which means mesencephalon and hypothalamus) allows to ease the anxiety and depression. Another name for serotonin is 5-Hydroxytryptamine and 5-HT.

    Which one is better: All SSRIs have the same way of influence. They are considered effective if they work fast and have a small number of by-effects (headaches, sicknesses, stomach upsets, sexual disorders, eruptions and so on). The by-effects of SSRIs can be treated and pass quickly after the cessation of therapy. There are also different terms of usage for different SSRIs needed to obtain the necessary effect, as well as different intensity of by-effects. Lexapro is one of the fastest to act as it takes only about 2 weeks to see its action. Please note that it takes much more time to complete the treatment from a couple of months to year and even more.

    Also please remember, that there is no universal action of SSRIs. Effects as well as by-effects can be unexpected, that's why a doctor should lead the treatment and change the used SSRIs in case of necessity. He can even change to a medicine of another group, for example, tricyclics.

    Considering the fact, that the effects as well as by-effects of SSRIs can be unexpected, there is no definite answer to the question "which one is better?" Any widespread anti-depressant can be chosen for the adults in the age of 18-50, if they have preconditions for its use and have no physical contraindications. Another serious condition is that the patient should not take any other drugs. Please note, that to children and aged persons the anti-depressants are usually not prescribed, as such persons have more sensible organisms. As for the aged persons, they are likely to use some other kinds of medicine because of their health condition, so SSRIs are not suitable for them. There is also an opinion, that SSRIs cause osteoporosis in the organisms of the aged persons, but this statement is not yet corroborated.

    It is usual that many physicians stick to one particular SSRI because it worked well for their previous patients. They change their preferences only if this medicine has an unwanted effect on their present patient. So it is sometimes a trial-and-error method.


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